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Bursa Announcement latest updates [27/06/2018]
PPGI Compliance report: Uniform Paint Standard Test latest updates [11/08/2017]
GI Compliance report: Uniform Paint Standard Test latest updates [11/08/2017]

While emphasizing the development of technology in steel industry, the Group never compromise on the environmental issues. The management of the Group has treated the environment as well as safety and health as an integral part of the Group’s business and always involves thorough discussion on environment and, safety and health issues in its decision making process.

In addition, the Group recognizes its social responsibility and is committed to continually improve its environment management system with the aim not merely to comply with the regulatory requirements, but also putting every effort towards bieng an environment-friendly manufacturer.


Safety and Health
  In pursuing continual improvement on safety and health management, the Group through its Safety and Health committee which is chaired by the Vice President of production division has set target, implemented and maintained a sound management system for providing a safe and comfortable working environment to its employees. It is supported by a set of clear safety standards and a performance monitoring system that aims to reduce accident levels year-on-year.
Besides, the Group is regularly working with its employees, government agencies, suppliers and sub-contractors in promoting the safety and health awareness and, the Group believes, a truly safe working environment could only be achieved through everyone's will and in return, everyone could jointly enjoy the Group's advancement.

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