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Bursa Announcement latest updates [27/06/2018]
PPGI Compliance report: Uniform Paint Standard Test latest updates [11/08/2017]
GI Compliance report: Uniform Paint Standard Test latest updates [11/08/2017]

In order to ensure that customers requirements' are met, the Group has formulated a stringent quality control system which includes various checking and testing methods, such as hardness test, tensile strength test, surface condition test, bending test and colour difference test, which are used for monitoring and improving the quality of our steel products.

In addition, the Group's subsidiaries, CSC Steel Sdn Bhd and Group Steel, have obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification for their quality management system since 2003.

In further supporting the Group's commitment to enhance customer satisfaction, the Group is keen to cooperate with its business partners to provide value added material to strengthen the competitiveness of downstream industry such as automobile, electrical and electronic appliances, furniture and office equipment manufacturers.

Mechanical Properties Testing
Tensile Strength Yes
Yield Strength Yes
Elongation Yes
Hardness Yes
Physical Properties Testing
Erichsen Cupping Yes
Solvent Resistant Yes
Pencil Hardness Yes
Reverse Impact Yes
Bending Yes

Long Term Properties Testing
Salt Spray- Corrosion Resistant Yes
Humidity- Durability Test Yes
Elongation Yes

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